Coming from a busy city life, with an entrepreneurial background, I have had the opportunity to pursue many ventures. I was a Principal Partner in the graphic design firm Martin/Maryetta Inc. for 16 years. During this time I also taught first year Visual Merchandising students basic design principals and colour theory at Seneca College in Toronto. My love of brand building was the inspiration for my next venture Wallflower. A woman’s boutique that included a branded line of signature products for the Wallflower label. The product range included apothecary, paper products, jewellery, clothing, linens and home décor.


The retail space was as imaginative in its presentation as it was exquisite in detail. I understand the importance of distinctiveness, consistency and the quality of delivery. I like to think of it as my guaranteed “Must Come Again” experience. I employed these same creative and customer service skills at Rosetta, my award winning restaurant, which enjoyed much success and proved to be a destination for guests far beyond the immediate community. In addition to providing the most imaginative and rewarding dining experience, I was able to fulfill my love of cooking as well as honing my management skills with staff and suppliers.

 Following my dreams for a life lived with passion and freedom-I still want to create, I still want to work and most of all-l I want to share what this has given to me-with you.

 My story with Hay Design began on April 17, 2015. It was the opening day for Hay Design Furnishings + Décor in Perth. In the midst of making their reveal at 9am, I was on the other-side of the glass sneaking a peek. Cathy invited me to come in and I was immediately in heaven. I saw a beautifully appointed store  with distinctiveness, creativity, superlative product and an attention to detail that resonated  deeply with me. I was their first customer and my first customer experience was so memorable that over the next 2 years it’s been my go to place to shop. I have a saying,  “You are today where your thoughts have brought you. You will be tomorrow where your thoughts take you.”

 I joined the Hay Team in Perth January 4th, 2017 now I get to go there EVERY DAY!