Our professional team of Designers and Project Managers, some with over 25 years in the industry, can provide you with services that cover the full spectrum of your project. From the initial analysis of your project’s requirements through to your post-move management, no job is too big or too small.

Client Service is the foundation of what we do; delivering projects on time, and on budget that not only meet your requirements, but will exceed your expectations.

Sustainable Design

We use locally sourced natural and environmentally responsible products as much as possible. These contribute to greater energy efficiency with less risk of toxins that could be harmful to our health and safety, and promotes resource use in a sustainable, renewable manner.

Our construction, renovation, and demolition work incorporate waste management principles promoting the recycling and reuse of materials. To further minimize waste, we take advantage of material modules [carpet inserts, flooring inserts, millwork, etc.] that utilizes manufacturing norms and standards.

Cost efficiency is further achieved by using existing and less expensive resources and by reinvesting savings into your common spaces, seeking more flexible furniture options and other innovative design features.

The design project itself is guided by ongoing communication and consultation with you throughout of the project and includes consultations and pre- and post-occupancy evaluations as required.

Design Principles

We believe in four key principles of design

environment ENVIRONMENT

We believe in meeting the needs of today without compromising the ability of future generations to meet the needs of tomorrow. Sustainable design principles not only respect the environment, but also encourage the health and well-being of the occupants and users of our spaces.

Cathy Hay and several team members are LEED Accredited Professionals and will ensure all the LEED Green Building project requirements for your project are met. We can also help simplify and coordinate the application and certification process for you. 

Some of the strategies we use at Hay Design include:

  • Construction waste management, resource reuse and recycled content;
  • Regional materials, rapidly renewable materials and certified wood;
  • Indoor air quality management plans;
  • Low-emitting materials;
  • Use of natural light and existing views; and
  • Our own internal policies and guidelines at Hay Design.

technology TECHNOLOGY

We believe in doing all we can to keep up-to-date on the latest technological advances in the industry and frequently attend conferences and trade shows to ensure we are knowledgeable in the latest technology.

Our approach to design takes into consideration much more than the architectural elements alone. We use the latest technological tools in the industry for analyzing, assessing, designing and engineering your space. 

We also use the latest technology to provide unparalleled client service. We use an online project-management system that gives you up-to-date project information at your fingertips, throughout the project. You can view on-going project information such as schedules, status reports, site observation reports, pictures of the project progress through construction, and much more. This information is secure and only accessible by you, with your password.

innovation INNOVATION

It’s one thing to keep up-to-date on the latest advances in the industry. But knowing how to use new technology is another matter. We regularly host suppliers and providers for seminars and workshops on the latest advances.

This allows us to be knowledgeable in the latest products and know how to best use them.  

Our team of creative designers is devoted to sustainable design principles, so we are always looking to use materials in innovative ways to make the most efficient use possible.  

security SECURITY

Physical security and privacy protection has become one of the most defining issues of our time. We as designers have a critical role to play in helping ensure your security and privacy. As service providers to all levels of government and many commercial clients, we take your security and privacy as seriously as our own. 


Recent Projects

Commercial office

  • Canadian Media & Production Association, Fit-up
  • Ridout & Maybee Law Office, Interior Fit-up & Furniture Design & Specification, Murray Street, Ottawa
  • Krista Transportation Executive Office, Fit-up, Interior and Furniture Design, Prescott
  • Ontario Medical Supply, Office, Labs, Showroom, Ottawa
  • Branham Group, 9th Floor, 100 Constellation, Ottawa
  • MXI Technologies, Ottawa, Office Relocation

Government offices and facilities

  • City of Ottawa, 100 Constellation 9 Floors – Fit-up, Move Management, Interior and Furniture Design
  • City of Ottawa, Goulbourn Municipal Building
  • Fisheries & Oceans, 200 Kent, Furniture Reconfigurations & Office Fit-ups
  • CIC, Jean Edmonds Tower, 6 Floors, Furniture Reconfiguration & Fit-up
  • CIC, Narono Building, Floors 6, 9, & 11, Furniture Reconfiguration & Fit-up
  • RCMP, Nicholson Building, 4th & 5th floor
  • Transport Canada, Place de Ville, Move Management, Interior and Furniture Design services
  • ORC, Land Registry Office, Prescott
  • ORC, Land Registry Office, Alexandria
  • ORC, Crown Attorney’s Office, Perth
  • City of Ottawa, Barrhaven Fire Hall, 1075 Greenbank


  • Bambu Restaurant, Riverside & Hunt Club, Ottawa
  • Church Street Bakery and Café, Westport
  • Holland Cross, Food Court, Ottawa
  • Rooster’s Coffeehouse, Carleton University

Institutional – Healthcare and Education facilities

  • Perley and Rideau Veterans' Health Centre: Long-Term Care Facility, Ottawa
  • Sir James Whitney School, Interior Fit-up & Furniture Design & Specification, Belleville
  • Family Physiotherapy Centres, Interior Fit-up & Furniture Design, Various Locations in Ottawa
  • Ontario Medical Supply, Labs, Showroom, Ottawa
  • Carleton University: Library, Canal Building, River Building, several labs and classrooms
  • University of Ottawa
  • Hazeldean Branch: Ottawa Public Library, Ottawa


  • Champagne Fitness Centre
  • Sandy Hill Community Centre 


  • The Fireplace Center & Patio Shop – Showroom, Ottawa
  • Place de Ville, Mall - Retail Space, Ottawa
  • Minto Place, Concourse Area


  • Bedford Street home renovation, Westport
  • Durant Residence
  • Juneau Log Home