Company Profile

Award-winning Interior Designer Cathy Hay founded Hay Design Incorporated in 2004 with a vision to provide Ottawa with comprehensive architectural design, project management, and prime consultant services.

We are an energetic team of creative and talented Designers and Design Managers with a mix of capabilities, expertise and experience. Some of our senior staff have over 25 years in the industry with considerable commercial and residential interior design experience. As Interior Designers in Ottawa, we also have considerable experience working with federal, provincial and municipal government agencies and non-governmental organizations (NGOs).

We’ve deliberately kept our team small, ensuring a rich, collaborative environment so that adequate detail and attention is given to each one of our clients and their projects.

Our team is certainly not afraid to explore unconventional approaches to design challenges. We strongly believe in nurturing a workplace culture where ideas flow and creativity thrives. Our wide variety of skills, backgrounds and personalities mean that you benefit from a complimentary mix of creative design and practical management skills, working cohesively to find the right solutions for your space.

Our Process

All our projects start and end with you. We start by getting to know you, exploring your goals, what’s important to you and what you value. It helps us establish a vision for your project, to determine your objectives, requirements and the functions of the space you’ll need.

Getting as much input as possible from the people who will be using the space gives us key insights. It doesn’t matter if you’re a commercial organization or government agency in Ottawa. It will help us determine your operational needs, the proximity requirements between functional groups and balance your workplace culture with practical requirements.

It allows us to determine your technical infrastructure, capabilities and amenities so you will have a workplace that’s flexible, adaptable and durable. A workplace that features light and colour; that focuses on indoor air and light quality; that has colour and energy; and values health and employee wellness.

You end up with a unique space that reflects your organization’s goals and values, and inspires your team to perform at their best.

Professional Associations and Affiliations

  • ARIDO, IDC (Association of Registered Interior Designers of Ontario)
  • LEED Canada
  • EDAC (Evidence-based Design Accreditation and Certification)
  • PMI (Project Management Institute)
  • IFMA (International Facility Management Association)
  • BOMA (Building Owners & Management Association of Ottawa)
  • Qualified under OBC Sentence – Registration under Section 2.17 for Hay Design Incorporated BCIN: 27373



Hay Design Incorporated’s mission is to create functional, safe and creative spaces that respect the environment while caring for the user’s needs by infusing them into a design, in an organized and professional manner, that exceeds the client’s expectations!


Core Values


1.0              Show respect to our clients;

                  .1    Speak in a calm and controlled manner;

                  .2    Act in a professional manner;

                  .3    Care about the clients’ needs;

                  .4    Do not speak negative about clients to team members or others;

                  .5    Do not speak negatively about clients;

2.0             Communicate all project information to the client in a timely manner;

3.0             Understand, relate to the client’s problem;

                  .1    Take ownership of the client’s problem & resolve it; and

                  .2    Research the problem and review all options to address problems.

4.0              Understand the needs of the client;

5.0             Respect and meet schedules to all degrees possible;

6.0             Monitor and meet budgets;

7.0             Produce quality work that satisfies the client’s needs; and

8.0             Ensure satisfying the client is one of your top priorities.



1.0               Support team members and be resourceful and helpful;

2.0               Work together with all disciplines involved in the project;

3.0               Communicate all project requirements to necessary team members;

4.0               Be innovative and creative; share knowledge and ideas with co-workers;

5.0               Collaborate with team members; and

6.0               Show respect to co-workers by speaking in a professional manner - be aware of each team member’s unique character and act accordingly. 



1.0               Participate in community events that Hay Design is involved with; and

2.0               Work on design projects that Hay Design is involved with.

3.0                Offer a 20% discount on design fees for non-profit organizations.

4.0                Use 37.5 paid hours per year on volunteer work.